Old books for sale

Old Books for Sale


Here my old/used books for sale. All of them i bought abroad.




Wanderings in Arabia, 1926, Duckworth, London, hard cover, pg. 626. Price: RM150.oo








The Voyage of Discovery, 1905, Vol 1 and II, Thomas Nelson: London, Edinburgh, Dublin and New York. Hard Cover, pg 488 – I n pg 484 -II, Price: RM400.00.




the mideast




The Mideast in Focus. RM50.00









Syria-Palestine II. 1979. Nagel, Paris. Hard Cover. Pg. 230. Price: RM80.00.








A Short History of Saracens. 1961. Macmillan. Hard Cover. Pg. 652. Price: RM60.00.








The Passing of Empire, 1900. London: TSPCK. Hard Cover. Pg. 832. Price: RM15K.









The Passing of Empire title page.












Modern History, 1923, Macmillan, New York. Hard Cover. Pg. 910. Price: RM60.00.





middle east



Middle East, 1941, Methuen, London. Hard Cover. Pg. 336. Price: RM180.00.










Mesopotamia. 1965. Frederick Muller, London. Hard Cover. Pg. 212. Price: RM80.00.












Constantinople, 1995, John Murray, London. Price: RM85.00.










Empires, Wars and Battles, 2006. Softcover. Pg. 276. Tom Doherty, New York. Price: RM50.00.







persian fire



Persian Fire, 2005. Doubleday, New York. Hard Cover. Pg. 430. Price: 80.00.












Oxford Dictionary of World History. 2006. Oxford. Hard Cover. Pg. 728. Price: RM120.00.







The Age of Reconnaissance. 1983. Soft Cover. Pg. 376. Price: RM80.00


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